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Welcome to our website which brings you a wide and truly fascinating range of gadgets of cutting-edge technology. Ultimately everything comes with some pros and cons. Therefore, when it comes to online shopping for gadgets, people are more reluctant to trust and buy such gadgets online. Undoubtedly, buyers once in a lifetime come across the torments of fraud.

Henceforth, we at ensures you that it is one of the most trustworthy online shopping website for the gadgets you are looking for. You can place your orders at and within few days you will receive the best one you demanded for. However, sometimes misunderstanding prevails even in the strongest bonds. So, to allay all the misfortunes and misunderstandings let’s avoid the mistake by ‘not avoiding’ this relevant part of the website and that is Terms and Conditions. reserves all the rights to modify, alter and add any clause to its term and conditions without any prior notice. Whereas, changes in the website’s terms and conditions clauses will be effective once they are posted on the website without any notice. Therefore, customers’ satisfaction will always remain our first priority. However, customers need to read and agree to our terms and conditions to avoid any problem in the future.

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Whatever online shopping platform you are using where additional personal information is required, then you are utterly responsible to maintain your user privacy. As a valid user, you have to keep your identification, account details, passwords, and other personal details within yourself. You must never ever share it with anyone else, even with the closest one.

You have to agree with this responsibility and ensure that your account and all the related details must be secured all the time. It is in your hand not to allow anyone to misuse your account details. However, if you doubt your password is known to someone or is being used in an unauthorized manner then you must inform us on an immediate basis. As in, we believe that your privacy is precious to us.

You have to agree and acknowledge us that any use of the website and its related services, access to account information and details, any sort of communications with your account shall be considered as you or authorized by you. You agree to be restricted from any access to the site or its services offered, even if you are authorized to use or access. You agree that you have to provide us complete and correct details. Moreover, you are responsible to update your account details in real-time whenever you access your account online.

For further information or if anytime you are unable to access your account then you have to inform us at our customer services so that we may able to assist you in this regard.

Officially reserves the rights to decline access to the site, deactivate the account, remove or edit content without any prior notice and shall not be held accountable for any losses caused by invalidation. You agree to change your passwords from time to time in a manner to keep your account secure. You are solely responsible for the confidentiality of all personal details and passwords. Moreover, you will be liable to any disclosure of username or password whether it is authorized by you or not.

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For using, you are required to be 18 years or older or under the supervision of an adult. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited under our terms and conditions to use the website for commercial purposes or as a third party on behalf of the user. Such kind of illegal and explicit actions will result in penalties.

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Submissions in any form, even if they are comments, suggestions, product reviews, and questions will be considered as the website’s property. Therefore, the user’s claim regarding any submission will not be entertained. However, with your submissions, you grant us to use your user name which you have provided when registered. Therefore, you are liable to not mislead us with any fake information by pretending to be someone else.

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Points to Ponder:

Now after a thorough review of our comprehensible terms and conditions’ clauses, we would like to simplify some additional terms as follows:

  • Before Payment Customers were not allowed to open the Parcels.
  • In case of any complaint regarding parcels. Please contact the shipper.
  • Please do not accept the parcel if damaged or unsealed.
  • will not be liable for any personal or business losses.
  • will not responsible for the conditions such as rain, storm, instability of law and order that can possibly delay the delivery of required items.
  • You agree that the reselling of products is strictly prohibited. However, if any personnel found in the prohibited act will be accountable for legal penalties.
  • You agree to provide us a valid phone number, correct address, and other information.

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